DH makes more than enough money for our bills, but we are always
broke & making a trip to the pawn shop. Dh's allowance is more than
enough, but he was always broke before his 2 weeks were up. He
started writing EVERY penny he spent & realized that he was spending
too much of large breakfasts, lunch, & too many cokes. He has now
rationed himself to 2 cokes per day & a small breakfast & lunch.
This is working out great & I've also started it. We will be filing
the big "B" in May because it would take 10 years to pay everything &
get our credit straightened out, & with our 4th child on the way, we
can't afford a 3 bedroom mobile home for much longer.
We have to disipline our spending NOW if we want to meet our long
term goals. I will be finished with school in September & start
working in January, so all of my income will go to savings for our
goals which are:
June 2004 - Buy 5 acres & a 4 bedroom trailer(have $ 13,500 for down
November 2004 - Buy another used truck(pay cash - $ 10,000)
April 2006 - Start building our house(have $ 34,000 to start)

I know these prices are a lot, but if we start now & have discipline
we can meet them. It won't be an easy road, but we are determined to
be in our dream home by the end of 2007.