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    Susan Kunz

    Default Groceries and allowance


    I take no offense to what you have said. I don't even get an allowance, all
    that I get is what is allocated for the groceries and if there is a holiday
    or party I get so much for that and that is it. Most of the month I get $60
    a week for all of the groceries and that includes the milk bread and what
    not perishables and all of that is to feed the 4 of us for a week. One week
    out of the month I tend to not get anything since the whole paycheck goes to
    the rent, so total I get roughly $180 a month to feed the 4 of us and one
    week my daughter has to take store bought snacks to school for class. For
    holidays and parties I seem to be limited to $50, this is really easy when I
    only have to buy gifts for one of the kids but it can be a challenge when it
    is for both of them but it is partly my own fault that I get limited to this
    amount. To sort of explain this reason I will say that I put together both
    of the kids' Easter baskets this year with only the $50 budget and they each
    got close to twice the amount of the pre-made baskets for $3.00 more than
    the cost of 2 pre-made baskets and my baskets included the new outfit. The
    only thing that I didn't have to buy was the grass since last year I had
    bought a big bag of it and still had it. My husband limits me to low amounts
    for spending because he has watched me shop and knows that I am very
    stubborn and will find a way to do what I have to with what I have. If I got
    more money than what I do get I would have even more junk to deal with in my
    home than what I already do, I just have a heck of a time getting extra
    money when I do need it and hubby makes enough that he could give it to me
    without complaining.


    < Wishing for our troops to come home soon. Peace and love be with them all. >

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    Susan Kunz

    Default Re: RE: Groceries and allowance

    No offense taken you were just asking a question. I actually brought it on
    myself somewhat. I was so bad at one point that it ended up putting my
    family living in motels and filing bankruptcy. My issue that I have with it
    is when I need the money from him and he won't give it to me but we have it
    available. As for mentally dealing with it I don't really notice it too much
    because I have other mental conditions that I take medication for. I don't
    like it completely but when I deal with the budget he destroys it so I
    figure that if I just let him deal with the budget than at least if he
    messes it up he can't yell at me for messing it up. We have it set that he
    deals with the budget and I deal with the house. I do complain about some of
    the changes that he wants to make but than I try to find a way to deal with
    it myself. The most current issue that I can give is that I babysit for a
    friend 1 day a week so I get roughly $40 a month to help my friend and her
    fiancee out with the baby. My husband decided that he was going to get rid
    of the cable and Internet service and wanted me to use FREE service or go to
    the library to get my mail but those really weren't an option for me so I
    found an ISP that gives unlimited service in our area for $15 a month that I
    will pay for.


    < Wishing for our troops to come home soon. Peace and love be with them all.
    -------Original Message-------

    I'm new to this group and am just going to jump in here. I'm all for
    budgeting (that's why I'm here), but how do you manage, mentally, with
    getting an allowance from your husband? I mean no offense whatsoever. I'm
    just thinking this would make me feel like a child. I don't contribute to
    the home, financially, but certainly do in every other way.

    Kathy from Atlanta

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    Default Groceries and allowance

    Hi all,

    I have a question about grocery allowance. I have four children and a
    husband who eats lunch at home. We usually spend about $400 a month on
    groceries This includes diapers and pullups, although I'm working on
    switching to cloth, and also includes dogfood and other non-food items that
    we need (we shop at Walmart, so do everything in one stop). I use to think
    that I was doing pretty good, but hearing you guys talk about spending only
    a couple hundred a month with 2 and 3 children makes me wonder why I'm
    spending so much, and I'm not buying a lot of extras or much convenience
    food. Can some of you share tips on how you do it? I've read the article
    on the website, and do most of that, and we don't eat much beef (my husband
    put a lot of deer in the freezer last hunting season), so I can't figure why
    I spend so much. Any more tips?

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    This may not work for everyone though. The grocery store I go to has stuff
    like flour, oil, sugar, baking supplies, salt, spices, beans, and rice in
    the isles in the middle of the store. These items are usually cheep, or
    allow for cooking from scratch (usually cheeaper than mixes). The perimiter
    of my store does have the produce and dairy items, but also next to the eggs
    they have the very expensive over priced prepackaged bags of hashbrowns. So
    you do have to work within the limitations of your particular store,
    depending on their layout.

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    > One biggy for me was I Only shop on the perimeter of the store that was a
    > from someone! It worked great I have cut my bill from 400 a month to
    200-230 a
    > month and im a famly of 5, 3 children ages 7yrs-22 months
    > Tammy

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