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    Hi...don't worry I'm not throwing anything!
    The reason why my husband gets $100 allowance is because most of it goes for
    gas. He is a contractor constantly going from one job to the next. Usually
    filling his tank 3 times a week and with the gas prices of today he doesn't
    have much left after paying for gas. The 40 or so he has left has to be
    divided between food, drink, impromptu runs to the hardware store, and
    occasionally bringing home something that I ask for (such as bread, milk, or
    posterboard for my daughters school project).
    In answer to your other question, I normally spend about $80-$100 at the
    grocery store for two weeks, having to return sometime before the two weeks
    is up for things such as milk and bread. I really hope to lower the bill
    (that is one of the reasons why I found this message board) as well as many
    others. I started a budget plan in January to payoff 4 large bills--totaling
    over $20.000. My self given deadline is 12/31/03---one year. I just paid off
    one--proving to myself that it is possible and worth all the frustration of
    constantly being broke. I'm so hyped right now I've already started to plan
    what to payoff next year (actually next year is the "savings" year). I want
    to increase our savings account (shouldn't be too hard since right now it is
    0 !!!)
    and start some sort of retirement plan for my husband. Does anyone have any

    suggestions how to do this? I don't even know how to get started!
    Whew! I got windy didn't I? Keep sending those great ideas....


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    Halea''s Doll Clothes

    Default Re: : Re: spouse sabatoge (Naomi)

    In that case, sounds like he does really well.

    Kathy D.
    New York

    A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel - unless you have cats!

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