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Office Chaos
Ian MacLarty

Genre: Games
Release Date: December 31, 2010

*** Free for a short time ***

It's chaos! The feared OMGLOL virus has hit your office network - all the computers are infected, and all staff in the building have been brainwashed to hunt down and harass you, the IT guy! As the last free-thinking employee on the payroll, it's up to you to reboot your co-workers using the only method that works - knocking them out with anything you can find! Fight your way through each floor, survive the onslaught of your mindless colleagues and eliminate the virus!


2 game modes - Story and Survival:

In Story mode, fight your way through the 10 floors of your office building and confront the dreaded OMGLOL virus in a hi-tech showdown. In Survival mode, fend off endless waves of your crazed co-workers for as long as you can and set a high score!

3 difficulty settings: Help Desk, Sys Admin and Senior Engineer.

2D physics environment with multiple object types.

Flick your finger across the screen to hurl office items at your hostile co-workers. Control the trajectory with the speed and angle of your flick.

Collect and install 9 unique anti-virus software CDs to help boost your abilities.

Battle 6 distinct office employee types with their own unique powers.

Swipe down to duck red-hot eye lasers fired by infected staff (eye lasers?!).

Tap to punch when your colleagues get too close for comfort!

Game Center support with online leaderboard for Survival mode.

Support for multi-tasking and saving game progress.

© 2010-2011 Ian MacLarty and Jon Kerney

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