The Spoon-Z Infant/Baby Spoon is here. Watching an infant eat can sometimes be very amusing, but also a little sad. The little one tries so hard to get a full bite of food into the spoon and then, without losing any of the precious cargo, travel the long distance from the plate to the mouth. It is often a fruitless endeavor. Finally, The Spoon-Z, the easy spoon for little hands has arrived. The first advantage of this new innovation is that its heads are tilted down and panned at a 45 degree angle. This unique design allows an infant to use a fist-grip, dig deep into the bowl or plate, scoop a perfect bite-size of food, and accurately aim the food towards his or her mouth. Equipped with high walls and grip-tight ridges, The Spoon-Z also prevents unwanted spillage. It can be turned and twisted in the air and the yummy morsels still stay in the spoon where they belong. Food security allows an infant to enjoy the rewards of all of his or her hard work. Finally, unlike ordinary spoons, The Spoon-Z has two sides instead of one. That way no matter how it lies on the table, it's always in the correct position to be picked up and used. The first step to independent eating starts with The Spoon-Z.Expires Jun 20, 2011

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