Product Description Relieves your baby's blocked nose and nasal congestion from birth. Paediatrician approved, this aspirator's award winning design gives you continuous control. Ideal for baby colds and allergies, Baby nose-clear physically removes the excess nasal mucus which could otherwise lead to secondary complications such as coughs, ear infections and stomach upsets. The aspirator has a reusable medical grade filter makes the whole process perfectly hygienic, " Paediatrician approved to use from birth " Award winning, controlled and continuous suction " Drug free and non invasive " Transparent for easy monitoring, filter protects carer " Easy to use, easy to clean and can be reused Cleared nasal passages aid easier breastfeeding and sleeping for your baby. Using this unique design gives the parent full control to safely clear congested nasal passages by gentle suction. Birth + When your baby's nose is blocked she finds it very difficult to feed which can make feeding very stressful, upsetting your routine. The most likely reason for a baby crying when feeding is due to a blocked nose. It can be especially difficult when breastfeeding as a congested baby can have real problems latching on. Paediatrician recommendation is to simply clear your baby's nasal congestion before a feed with a nasal aspirator to allow them to feed more easily. The Baby nose-clear infant nasal aspirator was invented by a mother of pre-term triplets and it is completely safe for newborns and still effective with toddlers. It is an excellent, drug free, infant cough / cold decongestant for your baby. It is much more effective than cheaper "bulb style" aspirators. Infant nasal congestion is common and often occurs in your baby's first couple of weeks, or later due to colds or allergies such as hayfever. Your baby may have around 6 colds in their first year. Babies are "obligate nasal breathers", which means that they naturally breathe through their nose and when their tiny nasal passagesExpires Jun 20, 2011

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