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    Default Online fabric stores

    Can you great budgeteers tell me some of the good online fabric stores. Our
    only fabric store just closed here in town, they were really expensive
    anyways. Do you all think Joann Fabrics has good deals are there online
    coupons to buy online? The closest Joanns is about an hour away. What
    other online sources do you all use? How about craft sites online?


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    David & Margie Bromen

    Default Re: Online fabric stores

    Hi, I too live over a 1 1/2 from the nearest JoAnn Fabric and yes I do
    think the prices are good - some times. You really need to sign up for
    the mailings to get the coupons but they usually have whatever is on
    sale in the store online on sale. I know around Thanksgiving they had
    all the fleece on for 40-50% off, I was making blakets for most everyone
    for Christmas and I ordered all but one peice on line and got 50% off
    (the sale price) and used a free shipping code. It was delivered to my
    door so I saved on gas and on time. Money I'm sure because when I go to
    the store I always find "something" else I NEED! I have also ordered
    stamping things online from them and have returned things with no
    problem. I liked being able to look at all the fleece (there was 9
    pages at that time) without the kids or hubby saying hurry up. So I say
    a big YES.
    Margie in NE



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