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City of Wonder
Playdom, Inc.

Genre: Games
Release Date: May 25, 2011

"...simply flawless and amazing – everybody should try City of Wonder...” -

“City of Wonder is a great game and one of the city building games that shows enormous potential.” -

The hit Facebook game from Playdom is here!

Start with a sleepy village and grow it into an amazing world civilization!

Research technologies to advance your people, build great Marvels such as the Pyramids, and declare war and trade with other players to dominate the world. Download today!

- Hundreds of different buildings to build, attack, or admire
- Watch over your citizens as they work, play, and parade in your honor
- Choose the resources and factories you need to increase your wealth
- Fight, trade, and ally yourself with other nations to see who will come out on top
- Recruit great Legends such as Alexander the Great to help you out

Visit City of Wonder often to see new buildings, decorations, and marvels every week!

We want to make the game better for YOU!! Your feedback is important, so if you have any questions or comments please go to to contact us.

If you are seeking wisdom on growing your civilization, please visit and find the answers to all your questions.

Note: An Internet connection is required to play City Of Wonder. The gameplay and statistics are not connected to the City of Wonder Facebook game. The game uses in-app purchases so if you do not want this feature, please disable it.

Please be aware that we support iPod 3G+, iPhone 3g+ for OS 3.2+.

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