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Waxing Lite
PixelAmmo Corp.

Genre: Games
Release Date: May 03, 2011

Love to see silky smooth skin? Then wax away that hair in CRAZY WAXING!

Crazy Waxing is a quirky puzzle game for casual gamers and devoted puzzle-lovers alike. You play as a waxing salon owner filled to the brim with customers who want a beautiful tan line.
Wax away to see what’s under that unsightly patch of hair.

NOTE: For users with iPod Touch who were having problems on startup, please update to version 1.0.2.
• Place on each waxed tape to remove patches of hair
• Peel off the hair while avoiding any pimples or scars
• Match each waxed tape strategically to maximize hair removal

• Variety of customers: Satisfy all 5 customers to match their needs (Full Version unlocks 19 customers)
• Diverse stages: Each stage has a unique puzzle
• Razor blades: Beat your own highscore and maximize your razor points

• Stunning Graphics: Specially designed characters and expressions
• Special Bonus: Complete each stage with precision to earn time medals
• Openfeint Missions: Unlock missions along your waxing journey


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