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    Default Homemade Beef Jerky (XPost)

    Ok, I have paid $7 for 4 ounces of beef jerky for the last time!
    PLEASE can someone help me. I want to make my own, but don't have a
    clue how to do it. I have looked for a book, Beef Jerky for Dummies
    perhaps? But I want tried and true recipes, and methods. I am
    prepared to buy a dehydrator. I am addicted to Mesquite Smoked beef
    jerky, so simular recipes would be awesome. Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Homemade Beef Jerky (XPost)

    Hi there, I'm new to this list and have just been lurking for awhile, but this
    is something I can respond to. I make jerky for my husband all the time. I
    usually just buy a cheap roast - freeze it for awhile, but not until all the
    way through, it makes it easier to slice thinly. Or, ask your meat-guy to do
    it! I then marinade it overnight - usually in a blend of soy sauce and teriyaki
    sauce - but play around - this is where it gets fun! I've done bottled Italian
    dressing - and soy sauce mixed with hot sauce, etc. Experiment!! Then just lay
    it out on the dehydrator trays so that there is a little space around each
    piece for the air flow. It lasts for weeks - if you can manage to keep it
    around that long. :0) Enjoy!



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