You can use any inexpensive lotion (*dollar store Oil of Beauty* ) to cleanse your skin. Simply apply a small amount to entire face and rinse with warm water. It will leave your skin clean and soft and is very good at removing makeup including water proof mascara. I have very sensitive dry skin and most cleansers even those listed as gentle are to harsh for my skin. I have been washing my face this way ever since I bought an expensive cream cleanser, out of frustration, and it said on the bottle "Can also be used as a moisturizer" It was a light bulb moment for me.............. I do have a some what oily T Zone so I use an inexpensive *Dollar Store* astringent on that area. I have had many people coment on my skin and I really feel this has made the differance for me.

I also give myself weekly facials using a small amount of Vasaline, Dollar store brand of course, and sugar as a gentle exofoliant.

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