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Home Designer Architectural 10: Advanced and easy-to-use software for home design, remodeling, interior design, kitchen and bath design, landscaping, decks, and cost estimation for any do-it-yourself user. Home Designer Architectural offers all of the tools you need to complete your next home project. It's fun and easy, start designing today!

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Home Design

Home Designer Architectural is your all in one home design tool with all the features of Home Designer Suite, Home Designer Interiors, and Home Designer Landscape & Deck and more!

  • Choose from over 2,500 sample floor plans
  • Use advanced 3D camera tools like Glass, House, Doll House, Watercolor, Technical Illustration, Cross-Sections, and Elevations
  • Create accurately scaled floor plans with precise dimensions--type in the dimension for exact placement
  • Create and take a Virtual Tour of your designChoose from built-in home style templates, create your own custom home design or use the House Wizard
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What will my remodeling project look like and how much will it cost? Home Designer Architectural knows! Save Time and Money Before You Remodel.

  • Choose from over 7,000 library items to plan out your space--resize any object to your exact dimensions
  • Point-and-click to remove wall surfaces, or use 3D Cross-Section Elevation Slider to quickly create a 3D slice of your desired view
  • Place and customize cabinets, change countertops, add a kitchen island, fixtures and appliances, and more
  • Change your colors, countertops, and flooring styles with the Material PainterCreate a new room or addition--add and remove walls, place windows and doors, size your rooms with dimensions
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Interior Design

Experiment with your interior design ideas using 3D models, virtual tours, and advanced design tools. Choose from a variety of furniture, appliance, and cabinet styles. Easily change the size, color and fabric to create just the look and feel you desire.

  • Quickly place and arrange walls, windows, doors, cabinets, choose colors, accessories and more.
  • Plan out your space with pre-arranged furniture groupings
  • Choose from thousands of generic and manufacturer materials to place in your design or create your own from a digital photograph
  • Design for your lifestyle and personality--change colors, add lighting and choose furniture to accent your new roomExperiment with your interior design ideas using 3D models, virtual tours and advanced design tools.
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Kitchen and Bath Design

Creating your dream kitchen is fun and easy. With the Cabinet Designer tools, you can create thousands of cabinet combinations for base, wall, full height, angled, corner cabiExpires Jun 5, 2011

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