You may not know if you really have a debt problem yet, so here are
some indicators that you are heading for a financial fall.
1. Using credit card advances to pay for living expenses.
2. Using and depending on overtime to meet the month's expenses.
3. Using credit to buy things that you used to pay cash
for(groceries, gas, clothing, etc.)
4. Using the overdraft protection plan on your checking account to
pay monthly bills.
5. Using savings to pay bills.
6. Using one credit card to pay another.
7. "Floating" the bills: delaying one bill in order to pay another
overdue bill.
8. Using another loan or an extension on a loan to service your debt.
9. Using a cosignature on a note.
10. Paying only the minimum amount due on charge accounts.

Taken from "How to Save money everyday" by Ellie Kay

I know that all of us have done one of these things now and then, but
I think that she is saying consistent use of one of these indicators
is where you have to worry.

(P.S. Although she has some good ideas, and I may continue to quote
her, I don't reccommend this book. I am insulted by her constant use
of the term "half wit" because I have a special needs son. I also
think that when investing in a book, there are many that are better.)

Have an amazing day!
Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA