Hi everyone,

I remember when I first went online nearly eight years ago, I thought
I knew what I was getting into when I read the words "heavy volume" in
reference to a list to which I belonged. But within days, I
discovered "heavy volume" could indeed overwhelm, and I switched to
the digest format. That was also the very first thing I did with
Budget101_ when I joined because I already get a ton of mail. lol
This list now has more than 900 members. Keep that in mind if you're
thinking of staying on individual posts since the heavy volume could
become a source of frustration and lessen your enjoyment of
Budget101_. Some days, we can be very light, and on other days,
especially with a hot topic, the digest format could reach as many as
three posts. The digest blends approximately 25 e-mails into one neat
and tidy package for you.

If you find your individual mail more--or nearly more--than you can
handle, take time to return to the Budget101 yahoogroups home
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Budget101_> and click on "Edit My
Membership." There, you'll see you have a choice to switch to digest
format if you think you'd prefer that. Whether or not you choose to
switch, be sure to click on "Save Changes," and you'll usually find
that's enough to get you the kind of Budget101) mail you feel you
need. **Sometimes**, however, that doesn't work. If you've done what
I'm suggesting at least once, perhaps even twice, give Moderation a
shout **off list**, please, and one of us will try to assist you.

Okay. 'Nuff said on that topic. Back to your regularly scheduled