Hi all, I've enjoyed the posts about snacks and one of my kids favorite
snacks is mixing all the "little bits" of everything in a bowl and then
putting it into little baggies. We use things like bitty pieces of
pretzels, cheerios or other cereal, raisins, peanuts, mini marshmallows,
chocolate chips, and any other thing that might "go" in to the bag. They
like to help and that usually makes the snacks much more enjoyable for them.

I was hoping that some of you might share your quick and easy dinner
recipes. I'm expecting my 3rd baby in a couple of weeks and my dh are sick
and tired of our same old menus. I'm hoping some of you might be able to
offer some easy recipes my dh might be interested in preparing while I'm
recuperating from delivery. I've included one of our old standbys:

Hamburg and Rice (this feeds 2 adults and 2 small children and sometimes
there is leftover)

About 1-2lbs of Ground Beef cooked and drained
Add 1 can Italian style diced tomatoes (or other flavors as you desire)
Let simmer for about 15-20 minutes
Serve over rice (or noodles if preferred)

I usually serve this meal with biscuits and salad....voila!

Looking forward to other ideas!

Michelle in DE