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    Default Ethnic Inexpensively

    Michelle had a lovely graphic which includes her copyright, I forgot the list
    no longer has the attachment feature due to potential viruses, so the lack of
    her copyright info on her column was my mistake.

    Michelle Young 2002

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    Michelle Young

    Default Ethnic Inexpensively

    Hi all,

    Just a quickie to let you know (I looked to be sure Liss hadn't said
    anything yet, but I know she's been busy too) the newest Ethnic
    Inexpensively column is up on the site:

    I did something a bit differently this month, but I think you'll enjoy
    it if you give it a try. This one you can serve the family--lunch or
    dinner--or even have company to help you feast on this one!
    Penne Rigate with Tuna Sauce--with the majority of ingredients
    right from your pantry!

    I hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you think.

    Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist



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