Hello All!
I cut my DH hair about once a month. I too bought the kit at
Walmart, which comes with the clippers, cape, scissors, combs, video,
etc! I ordered mine online at walmart.com and it has MORE than paid
for itself. My 3 DDs get "good" haircuts at a salon once a year when
school starts and I do the "touch ups" on bangs, etc. throughout the
year (although youndgest DD doesn't get hers cut yet - still letting
those gorgeous curls grow out!). This way, they get a "new" style
each school year but the maintenance is low and no cost to us.
BTW an easy way to trim bangs is to put the rest of the hair back
into a ponytail or headband, leaving the bangs on the forehead and
then scotch tape the bangs flat to the forehead and then cut them
along the line of the tape (top of the tape for short bangs or bottom

for longer bangs). This makes for a VERY straight cut and no
scraggilies hanging there!
Tanya in FL