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    I'm new to this list.

    I'm Katy w/ 3 dc-14 yog, 11 yob, 8yog.

    Our frugality tends to go in spurts and that's the biggest thing I'm
    working on right now-being consistant.

    After reading the $200./mo food budget booklet, I'm trying to get
    ours to $300./mo for the 5 of us. We don't have a freezer or a
    garden, so I just don't think we'd be able to do $200.!! We moved
    into a new house about a year ago and our grocery bill was as high as
    $160/week because I felt I was just so busy and let it get out of

    About 8-10 years ago,I was super into frugal living, had no debt
    except mortgage, and saved lots of money. Then I had a personal
    situation come up and slowly but surely got out of the frugal habits.

    I'm trying very hard to get back to that way of thinking and living.

    I've started meal planning again.
    We've given up restaurant eating unless it's a very special
    occasion. I'm also going to start using a clothesline, too.

    I really regret buying this house. My dh refuses to move again
    though. He has tons of computer & hobby stuff, works a job and a
    half and has basically no time at all. Unless we moved out of the
    area, he won't move. It's nice having the extra space, but I hate
    cleaning it all!

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get more ideas and mostly just stay motivated!!



    ps. I'll also add that we are going to start homeschooling my younger
    2 again next fall. We hsed for 4 years prior to putting them in ps
    last fall. My oldest will continue at public high school.


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    Hi! I am new to the group. I was referred to the main website through
    a friend and it led me to the yahoo group! I must have spent a good
    hour or two on the website already tonight! I feel like I have hit a
    goldmine! LOL! So many ideas! I love it!
    Well, anyways... I am a stay at home mom of a 15 1/2 month old
    daughter, Sarah. My husband works full-time plus as a Network Admin.
    we live in NJ and we also have two loving cats.
    We have to be frugal and stick to our budget so we can try to get all
    bills paid and maybe work on some of our debt. Also I am trying to
    make some money on the side babysitting (not working well so far) so
    I can tuck away a bit here and there to eventually go to FL and see
    my mother whom hasn't see my daughter (and myself for the matter)
    since she was 10 days old. I have to admit, part of me thinks I will
    be happier when I see my mom again. I just miss her terribly.
    Ok, I am getting off subject... sorry. Well, I am sure I will learn
    some new things from this group and I am looking forward to getting
    to know everyone.

    Linda Gallin, in PA

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