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iBroke My Phone!
Preston InfoTech

Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: March 23, 2011

Our app is FREE only this weekend! Download NOW!
Wanna know what your display looks like when the screen is cracked? Then for the safety of your device we highly recommend you purchase this app! Don't actually break or drop your phone. Instead, destroy it with the touch of your finger. Choose your weapon (a fist, hammer, or even a large shotgun) and demolish your phone in an instant! Trick your family members, impress people easily, and get some good laughs. Simply download this app and trick your friends into thinking that your phone is really broken!

Features (v1.0):

+ Share on Facebook, Twitter, or E-Mail

+ Instant "Quick Break"

+ Special Tools: Fist, Hammer, Shotgun

+ Optimized for Retina Display and iPad

+HOME SCREEN BREAKING (your actual home screen!):
If you want to simulate breaking of your home screen, then first TAKE A SCREEN SHOT with pressing the HOME and ON/OFF button at the same time, THEN LAUNCH the app and LOAD the picture from the Photo Library.

Important Reminders:

+ We take no responsibility for any damage.

+ Keep swiping your finger to destroy the phone. After you've fully crashed your phone's display, simply swipe to the left to exit or swipe to the right to restart.

+ Please remember - this is only a game. Keep your phone away from any physical damage. Never use a hammer or any other tool to destroy your display.

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone breaking and/or crashing functionality.

© 2011 Preston InfoTech Corp

Free Apps are usually available for less than 48 Hours, because of this, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.