Michelle you are such a sweetie. I wasn't the least bit worried, you
get to things when you get to them. Things going on in the real
world always take priority.

Sorry to hear about kitty. Pets have such a way of becoming a part
of us. We had a Tom from the time he was 3 weeks old, my strapping 6
foot 18 year old wrote an essay in creative writing about how this
cat took Michael from a "shy band geek" to a "cool band geek". I was
in tears when I read it because our Tom, Bob, disappeared one day
last year. Michael likes to think he went off with the lady cat of
his dreams. Poppy

> On other things, Poppy, my apologies for not sending the Nine Layer
> Pudding recipe to the list yet. Our cat, who wasn't even three,
> on the 4th, and we've taken it very hard.