Yes I did that when my dd was a baby. The ones in the store have a zillion
chemicals! I buy papertowels, preferably ones without designs so that there
are no inks or dyes, just white ones. You can also use cloth wipes that you
can wash. Anyways. Get a rectangular container that baby wipes come in or
a square plastic ziploc container, those throw away ones, that I lose all
the time! lol. Put 1c of water, then add 3tbsp baby oil and 2 tbsp baby
shampoo, then put I cut the paper towels in half and fold them into the
liquid. When I needed some on the go, I would just use a ziploc baggie and
put a bunch soaked in the liquid in that. I would change the bag every
couple week thought because it would get an odd smell after a while. Good
Luck. Kathy

Subject: I had a thought

First I would like to thank everyone for all your ideas, and
sharing. I look foward to reading all the post and learn so much

I had a thought today and I wanted to share it. They make those
windex wipes now and I was thinking of the homemade babywipes, why
can't you follow the baby wipes but fill it with "windex" (homemade
of course) and it would do the same thing???

Also, this one came to me due to all the snow in NJ, if you run out
of salt for your walk way, Kosher salt or table salt will do the
trick. It worked for me.....ate the snow right up!!!