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    Default making laundry soap

    Okay so I hear you all talking about making laundry soap. How much am I
    going to save? Right now I buy a small box at Trader Joes for $3.89 and it
    does 40 loads. About .10 cents per load. How much is the fels naptha and
    the borax etc. I know all areas vary, Im in Southern California. But I
    want to get an idea on how much I could save. I cant imagine it being that
    much. I do about 5 loads a week and one box last me 6-8 weeks. Is it
    really worth it? If so I would definitely do it. I like the Trader Joes

    one because theres no wierd chemicals in it. Kathy

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    Default making laundry soap

    25 gallons. How many loads is that? Kathy

    I can tell you what it costs me in my area. Fels Naptha is 99 cents, Borax
    is 2.99, and Washing Soda is 1.99. So for about 5.97 I can do 25 gallons
    worth of soap. You can check your prices Borax and Washing Soda will make 5
    batches, so divide the price by 5 and add the fels naptha cost. This will
    make 5 gallons of soap. For me it is cost effective.


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    Tena Pomeroy

    Default making laundry soap

    Hi All,

    In the laundry soap recipe it call for washing soda. What is it ?

    Tena in PA

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