I’m really searching for ideas. I have always been thrifty but now I feel that
if I want to have any savings & if my husband is going to be able to have
surgery on his eyes, we are going to have to move into the ‘radical’ bracket.

We net about $2,090.00 per month. Of that amount, $1,350 is already allocated
to monthly bills, leaving us with $740 each month to get groceries, pet food &
litter, laundry (we have to use a laundr-o-mat), savings, household items
(toothpaste, deodorant, etc), & gasoline for our cars.

My goal is to be able to save the $2,500 needed for dh’s eye surgery. He is
currently battling failing eyesight & with glasses; the best he can see is
20/40. After Lasik, he will still need glasses, however, he will finally be
able to see 20/20.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

Here is a little background: our family consists of my dh & myself, 3 cats, &
several little fishes. In the summer, we grow to a family of 5 as my 3
s-daughters come to visit. We live in Florida so there are no double or triple
coupons. Besides that, we rarely eat foods that come in boxes or packages since
I have allergies to yeast, sugar, & vinegar. We never shop retail for clothing.
I make most of our gifts. We glean things from the trash (Sidewalk shopping) or
out of apartments when people move out (dh works for our apt complex). We have
2 yard sales each year to raise some money.

Basically I need ideas on how to save more without feeling deprived. DH got
upset yesterday morning because I did not have $20 to give him. I really want
to be able to achieve this goal. Any thoughts, comments, websites, etc would be



(who really needs a tightwad mentor!)

**for those of you on the radicalfrugality group this is a cross-post. Sorry!**

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