Itís time to level the playing field. Most people who play computer games invest huge amounts of money in the fastest processor, best video card, most RAM, and advanced keyboards and mouse. They gather together every piece of the puzzle to thump the competition. Sadly, not everyone has the money to invest into all of these tools.

Our client wants everyone to have the ability to compete and play to the best of their ability.They have devised a new mouse that is not only affordable but packed with features: features like programmable buttons, profiles, custom shape, and adjustable sensitivity, this mouse packs power.

We want both kinds of testers for this project. We need people who have dumped tons of cash into the perfect mouse for their gaming and people who have stood in the computer shop dreaming of the day when they could afford a mouse with these features.

Testers will have an exclusive first look at this product and are given the chance to help drive the features they believe will be the best for players. We need serious gaming enthusiasts who spend hours each week on their PC fragging and fighting!

Being a part of a Centercode test is an exclusive opportunity. We have limited space available for this test and if selected, you must be prepared to commit time daily to this project. You will be expected to complete surveys, engage in forums and be actively engaged in the beta test. If you do not have the time to participate in this test, DON'T sign up.

However, if you think you have the stuff that makes gaming legends and feel like you can really give this mouse the test it deserves, click the link below to apply for this project.
- Must be a hardcore gamer
- Must use Windows 7, Vista, or XP