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    Nath wrote: "If the kid falls asleep and
    wakes thats fine but if they don't wake up easily then that kid has no right
    be babysitting and you, as the parent shouldn't want that kid to sit

    I do agree with this too...I am such a heavy sleeper that I NEVER hear my dh
    come to bed (and he is noisy). However, if my kid sighs the wrong way while
    asleep I am up like a shot! I think this is because as moms (and some dads)
    we are just programmed to hear the kids. A babysitter is not programmed to
    hear what we hear because they don't have the same "investment" that we do.
    By no fault of their own, they just don't have those "mommy" signals!
    Dozing on the couch is one thing but hunkering down with pillows and
    blankets is another. As a parent you may need to consider finding a
    better/different sitter. In the future, I would be EXPLICIT about what was
    expected and not expected from the sitters.

    Just another .02 on the subject!!

    Michelle in DE - who must have been programmed as a young babysitter -- if I
    dozed off I was up when I heard the car doors shut!!

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    Well I know Im a little slow on the up take here but here's what I do
    When I have a new babysitter, I tell them what I am willing to pay
    them during the day ($3 an hour), and what I will pay for night
    sitting, ($2 an hour), because they are asleep. I also tell them they
    are not responsible for cleaning the house, just picking up toys. I
    do tell them that if they do want to clean a little I will pay a
    little extra for that. About the falling asleep, if I am home before
    midnight I expect them to be awake when I come home, if after
    midnight I dont mind them dozing on my couch.
    I know that my own babysitting was quite a while ago but I got 1-
    2dollars and hour and cleaned! So I think that 25 bucks plus movies
    is GREAT!
    Movies: well if she asked for movies than she should not expect to be
    paid as much, If I have movies at home than thats another thing. I
    dont mind her watching movies as long as its AFTER MY KIDS ARE IN BED
    ONLY! any movies watched before bedtime should be movies that my kids
    can watch. Ok well I guess I have ranted enough for one day.
    Take Care



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