THis is what my husband and I do for lunchs so we don;t have to buy
lunch meat very often if at all. We take leftovers for lunch. If
you have chili the night before have chili for lunch the next day.
You just put it into a small tupperware like container and toss it in
a bag or lunch box. A great addition would be some shreded cheese,
maybe some rice in another container or underneath the chili.
Basically anything that you want and like to compliment it. We do
this with almost all leftovers such as stews, soups, pastas,
casseroles, even tacos and burritos. For leftover taco meat we put
some into a tupperware like container and toss some tortilla chips or
tortillas into a bag. warm up the meat and scoop with the chips or
make a soft taco or burrito with the filling. Very versitle and

Instead of chips and crackers take carrots, celery, apple slices,
oranges, grapes. Not only can they be much cheaper than chips and
crackers, they are a much healthier replacement that will keep you in
better spirits throughout the day. A salad is also a great side dish
or main dish for lunches.

Hope this helps a bit.

Maya in San Diego

I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to eat in place
of chips and crackers for snacks... what to have for lunch besides
lunch meat... How do you all do it?

thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

Jennifer M.