I had a thought about the bugs in the mix. If you only bought it two
months ago than I would sugest calling the company, phone number on
the box, and seeing if they will give you your money back. Most of
the time they will or will send youa coupon for a free box of like
size. You need to have the box in front of you when you call so that
you can answer the questions that they'll have for you like the
numbers that they inprint on the box. If you don;t have the box they
will probably still give you a refund and/or coupon. Just a thought
to save money becasuse bisquick is not free and you should not have
to eat the cost for a bad box.

Maya in San Diego

I just found bugs in the Bisquick Mix I bought about <yiiiiikes,
maybe 2 months ago -- ok, my kitchen is hot>
San Franciscan in Saudi