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    Does anyone have a recipe for cereal bars? My kids and dh love those
    Nutri-Grain type bars but even the store brands are expensive.

    If anyone has a recipe or source to find a recipe, I would love the info.


    Michelle in DE

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    Thanks for the recipe ideas for the cereal bars. I'm very anxious to try
    them. Considering I don't like to bake or cook, this should be an event!!

    Michelle in DE

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    Colleen Day

    Default Recipe Request

    A kitchen so hot bug are in your Bisquick. I am so jealous! It has only
    been above freezing 2 days here since early January, with a two-week stretch
    in single digits! And we are about to go back down there again! Yech!!!

    When the weather gets so cold, I really like to have a cup or two of those
    flavored coffee mixes, like General Foods International Coffees, before bed
    (when my furnace goes down to 50 - Brrrrrrr) but they are sooooo expensive.
    Does anyone have any TNT recipes for drinks like these?





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