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    Melia Dawn

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    I have one of those mixers and I make bread in it all the time. The hook
    does all the kneading unless you do a double batch, and then I just have to
    knead in the last cup of flour by hand.
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    I got a 250 watt 4 1/2 qt Kitchenaide mixer (came with a whisk, a
    flatblade and a dough hook and 1 bowl) and a 10-pc non-stick coated
    steel baking set, which was very unusual as a big majortiy of the time I
    don't get anything unless I purchase it and wrap it to myself, and I
    quit doing that about 5 years ago. Now I have to decide what to fix to
    break it in. I am saving for a vacuum sealer and maybe a breadmaker,
    since I work FT and think the idea of waking up or coming home to
    homemade bread would be wonderful.
    PS - I had asked for a real comfy pair or two of slippers as my feet
    hurt all the time. Guess I will have to break down and buy those for
    myself (BG)

    Cleo in WA

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    Hmmmm....I got $100 from DH. Sounds crass I know, but it was
    actually very sweet. We had decided that things were so tight this
    year that we would buy the kids gifts and that would be all. Nothing
    for us.

    So far, so good. Then I received a letter from the Ag Ed office in
    Marion County saying I have been accepted into the Master Gardener
    program. Well , the program is free, unfortunately the materials
    you must pay for. Different programs charge different amounts. This
    one is $100.00, told DH no way, the money is due 1/8 but most of our
    bills are due on 1/5. So, I am now getting to take the course. I am
    sooooo excited, have been wanting to do this for the longest time and
    something has always come up that prevented it.

    I'm one Happy Christmas Camper! Poppy

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    Nathan Bright

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    Which state?
    I live in Marion County too,
    but in KY.

    Just wondering.

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    Ag Ed office in
    > Marion County

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    I live in Florida, however 30 years ago I lived in Louisville Ky!

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    > Which state?
    > I live in Marion County too,
    > but in KY.

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