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    Default Help Needed

    I have a question, I am on a Very fixed income I am on Social Security and Child
    Support, So I know how to write a budget,I can do that no problem but my
    problem comes in when I try to stick to it, that is where Ineed a LOT of Help I
    am working on decresing my electric bill $300 because I was only making 1/2
    payments because I thought we needed this or that. I have a llittle extra
    spending money each month and pay for my kinds to go to the movies once a
    month, it's just the extra unepected wants that I have a hard time with Any help
    would be apriciated I know I have been BAD but I need help on figuring ut how to
    gain disapline to nt buy things, I am bi-polar for those of you who understand


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    Default Re: Help Needed

    Tracey, I do understand. I had a very dear friend years ago who was
    bi-polar. So forgive this question, but are you taking your meds? I
    know what happens when they aren't taken regularly and on time. If
    not, that is the first place to start. Secondly, if you are, maybe
    they need to be adjusted a bit. On the practical side, I think the 2
    signatures being required on a check would help a great deal, but the
    party would need to be someone who didn't give in when you are in
    a "great mood". you have a checking account? It has
    occurred to me with your limited income, you might not have one.
    Another person suggested teaching your children how to make their own
    money, this is excellent advice that your children will thank you for
    when they are older. Then, take the money for the kids movies, put
    it into an envelope, or some other out of the way place, and save it
    for a guiltless spree. Poppy

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    Default Help Needed

    Just found out the company won't being
    paying for our move from California to
    Arkansas (DH won't be hired for another
    3 weeks) what/who is the cheapest way to

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    Default Help Needed

    Just remember we now have a 32 foot motorhome
    wonder how much I can pack in there? Also will
    be towing a car that I can fill with stuff. Also
    if I remove the unbreakable from their store
    boxes bet I could get a lot more squished it.

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    Default help needed

    Hello everyone I don't post often but I read all the posts.

    OK here goes. Due to circumstances totally beyond our control our income has

    been reduced by $1500 a month. It's already tight here. We have 8 children

    and we homeschool. I am trying not to have to go back to work but will if I

    must. Unfortunately that will mean the children will have to go back to public

    school. Which I really don't want to have happen. I need advice on how to cut

    back on expenses. I already have cut our direct tv back to basic channels.

    We get no reception here and the kids would go nuts without any tv. I also

    have switched to dial up internet. We do have cell phones a family plan that we

    share, I would like to keep them as hubby is a truck driver and it makes him

    being gone easier by being able to stay in contact. Plus son is military and

    is gone a lot and he uses one of the phones to stay in contact. We all share

    the minutes and I am currently looking to see if there is a better plan for us

    to save us money. I have canceled all memberships that I have but one and it

    is $10 a month but I save that much a month in freebies that I get by using

    the site. We are looking to sell our house and move to something smaller but

    the market is slow right now. I am raising my own garden which I already

    have all the seed, feed, and such. I will can, freeze, dry etc. I quit using


    dish washer and started line drying clothes. Also keep a/c at 75. Or 65

    during cool weather. However, the electricity bill has not come down at all. We

    are getting back $2700 in the tax thing (forget the actual term) we plan to

    pay off several small loans with that.

    I need ways to cut back any and everywhere. Any advice would be greatly


    Mary Moses

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    Chris Wheeler

    Default help needed

    When I'm hurting for cash what I do is start lookingaround for something I'm willing to part with and sell it on Ebay... I've been getting rid of stuff that way for the past three years/ kind of like having an onlinegarage sale. If you have any crafting talents you could even make stuff and sell it there too. You can get way more for each little thing you want to sell online, because your customer base is the whole country instead of just people in your immediate neighborhood. Amazon is a good and inexpensive outlet for selling off just old books, VHS Tapes or DVD's you'd be willing to part with too (Amazon is better/ easier & cheaper to sell this type of stuff than Ebay).

    Thats just an idea, but there's risks selling your stuff online because it costs money to make money/ and if you dont know what you're doing it could do more harm than good, etc. The idea or morale of my advise to you is this: If you've trimmed down your spending every way you can, and you're already getting the most out of every penny you've got, then your next option is to start thinking of creative ways to generate alternate sources of income. When one door closes another one opens...


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    Melissa Fisher

    Default help needed

    Have you considered ways to make money while at home? If there are farmer's

    markets in your area you can take baked goods and handcrafted items, as well as

    extra produce you may have, and clean bagged compost. I will assume since you

    have a large family you already know about buying in bulk, and making things

    from scratch instead of buying them. The electric bill is a problem, because

    even if you cut back on usage, the rates are going up because of fuel prices. We

    have gotten to the point here where we are constructing growing areas in our

    boiler room to grow veggies in the winter months. And we are going to go with

    solar power before next winter. wrote:

    Hello everyone I don't post often but I read all the posts.

    OK here goes. Due to circumstances totally beyond our control our income has

    been reduced by $1500 a month.


    THE LIST>>


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    Sarah Long

    Default help needed

    You mentioned that the kids would go nuts w/o tv, what about getting videos for them at the library and cutting tv out? We live out in the country and don't subscribe to any tv and my son (5 yrs) is just fine. Once per week we go to the library and he can pick out movies or videos to be watched when the weather is bad outside. Believe it or not, kids CAN get along very well w/o tv. Yes, they will go through "withdrawal" but after that is over you will actually find that their behaviour will improve and that they will become less materialistic. If your electric bills won't go down you need to look into how old your refrigerator/freezer/washing machine/etc is. If they are more than 7 years old they will significantly add to your electric bill because they are not efficient. Also, the dishwasher saves on water usage vs. doing dishes by
    hand. Consumer Reports magazine did a study and even factoring in the cost of detergent, the dishwasher still came out ahead of washing by hand economic wise. Try checking into if you have an Aldi's store in your area or if there is a "salvage" grocery store. Both are excellent places to stock up for much cheaper. IF you already have all of your curriculum bought, or can swap with another homeschooling familyhomeschooling can be cheaper than public school however it is a close call at times. I would get the kids involved in saving the family money as part of their school work, just my idea that I would do if it were my kids. Good Luck!

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