Pretty to look at and simple to make, chocolate kiss
trees are an easy, kid-friendly holiday craft.

one 6" by 3" Styrofoam cone
one box round toothpicks
one 13-ounce bag of foil-wrapped chocolate kiss candies
aluminum foil (optional)

If desired, wrap cone tightly in aluminum foil.

Beginning at the bottom of the cone, cover cone with
kisses. Insert one end of a toothpick into candy kiss,
then push the other end into the cone. Overlap the kisses
slightly for best effect. Continue covering the cone from
bottom to top.


As you move toward the top of the cone, snap toothpicks in half before
inserting them into the kiss. Shorter picks are easier to insert as
the cone narrows. Use round toothpicks rather than flat ones. The
pointed end of the round toothpick is easier to push into the
chocolate kiss, and round toothpicks are stronger and easier to work

with than the flat variety. Get creative with color! Alternate stripes
of silver and gold kiss candies for an elegant tree, or create a
zigzag pattern to simulate bargello needlework. Decorate completed
trees with ribbon bows or small ornaments. Chocolate kiss trees are
fun to make, but don't eat them afterward! Toothpicks may splinter and
pose a hazard.

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