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Genre: Games
Release Date: May 09, 2011


The monster annoys you. Get it blown away as much as possible. CrazySmasher is a game to get the monster blown away as much as possible by using power and skills of the hero.


- You can make and level up 6 heros in its various states.
- There are 12 kinds of magic to get the monster blown far, far away.
- You can purchase more than 50 items.
- There are more than 25 achievements.
- Game Center Integration : You can submit your scores and compete against other global users.

What's New in Version 1.1.0

-Shortened loading time and improved frame rate
-Improved graphics
-Fixed bugs occurring to some heroes that the same enemy appears
-Fixed bugs relative to hero’s stats
-Had Helper’s Cut-in not block Location Bar
-Modified magic effects and the required MP
-More detailed magic skill description in Player Info
-Increase in Critical Hit Damage based on various elements
-Modified balance and prices of items

-Fixed some letter crashes
-Fixed minor bugs and more

Tips for high score!

-If you tap when Power Control Bar is placed on the top, Critical Hit Damage increases
-The more Critical Hit Combo, the more Critical Hit Damage
-The better a hero’s Power and Accuracy, the stronger his Helper becomes. Thus, you need to increase every ability of stats for all heroes to get higher score
-No Mana is required for Helper

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