Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that our site was recentlyevaluated & approved as a family friendly site.

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What is a Family-Friendly Site?

At a site displaying the Family-Friendly Sites Emblem, families can expect to find content and links that support their physical, mental, and emotional development in a healthy way.

A family-friendly site:
<ul>[*]Contains no adult-themed or sexually explicit text, images, or photographs[*]Does not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography[*]Does not promote hate, violence or discrimination in any way[*]Does not promote any illegal substances or activities[*]Posts and enforces rules in its chat rooms and forums to prohibit
1. Sexually explicit language
2. Profanity
3. Remarks that disparage or ridicule other people[*]Links only to sites that share the intent of being family-friendly[*]Agrees to remove its family-friendly designation, if the site itself or any of its links no longer meet these criteria[*]Links its display of the Family-Friendly Sites Emblem to the Family Friendly Homepage[/list]