Okay, those two do not go together at all, but I'm
trying to respond to 2 different posts

When I attended a very back-to-nature candlemaking
class for kids, they melted the wax in an empty coffee
can placed inside a pot with water in it on the stove.
I'm not sure if this was safer (like a homemade double
boiler) or just saved the pot from getting ruined.
Just an idea. If you bend the edge to a point first,
it will be easier to pour anyway.

About making tablecloths, I just hem the edges of the
fabric and be done with it. I have made several, but
my table is square. Why don't you put the fabric on
without hemming and see what you think? If you don't
like it, just be careful cutting it to an oval.
Actually, my parents have an oval table and always use
rectangular tablecloths. She likes lace ones and
doesn't even hem them.