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    Default Asian Markets, prices and a couple of other thoughts

    Well, I went into Gainesville last night, got lost and ended up at
    an Asian Market that wasn't in the phone book. My first observation
    was I couldn't understand a word anyone said....may have been
    because I speak no other language than English. My second
    observation was huge bags of different kinds of rice. Ah yes,
    Michelle mentioned this...I'm in the right place.

    They did not have Superior Soy. I bought Black Soy, Oyster sauce,
    Seseme oil, and Rice noodles. Plus I gave in and bought a jar of
    Kim Chee. I saw pasta everywhere, that was a surprise. Flat
    noodles that looked like linguini noodles in 5 pound boxes for 2.39,
    and rice noodles everywhere. I was hoping to see ramen noodles in
    bulk. Only saw the little packages with seasoning. Like I'm used
    to only the writing and brand differed. Plus, oddly enough, at
    49Cents they were more expensive than the grocery.

    Ok, I spent 10.75, the most expensive thing I bought was Kim Chee at
    3.29, then oyster sauce at 1.89, black soy (big bottle of it I might
    add) was 2.69, the oil only 1.99 (5.5 oz)and the rice noodles
    were .89 So, how did I do?

    I remember reading somewhere that rice noodles were not cooked like
    wheat noodles and something about soaking them. That's it, all I
    know about them.. HELP!!! What do I do with them now that I
    have them. The young man who was trying to help me was very sweet,
    but he knew about as much English as I knew Chinese. I bought the
    noodles because he kept saying "very good" over and over, while
    putting them in my hand. The package says medium and Pad Thai and
    that's about it. I only know how to EAT Pad Thai and it's not even
    Chinese (I do know a couple of things)

    After your last post, I was thinking about your brothers recipes. A
    simple solution (for me, but then I'm not the one who has to do it)
    is more than 1 monthly column. Why not a weekly one? Gee...I'm not
    a fan am I? Truthfully, even thou you are a touch verbose, I
    wouldn't miss your posts or recipes for anything. I get a great
    deal of enjoyment from them, as I believe you get from writing them.

    BTW, if you get a chance I'd love to try the cinnamon swirl
    thingie. It would be easier if I could see the post to refer back
    to what it said, other than a very polite, no you can't have my
    special recipe.'re allowed. Poppy

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    Default Asian Markets, prices and a couple of other thoughts

    You found one of the great untapped secret places..I
    LOVE Asian markets. Indian markets are GREAT too!

    As far as rice noodles go..
    DON'T..I repeat...DON'T soak them!!!!!!!!

    I don't eat wheat at all, and eat rice noodles all the
    time. I cook them like you would cook wheat noodles..
    One important thing to remember..if you put them in
    something like chicken and noodles or chicken
    soup..they will soak up any excess either
    plan to add the noodles or add more water if you're
    eating leftovers. They will end up more like dumplings
    the second day-unless you add more water.

    I use rice noodles for spaghetti, and for making
    chicken noodle soup...they're great..


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    Default Re: Asian Markets, prices and a couple of other thoughts

    It was a lot like entering another world. The different smells were
    the first thing that I truly noticed. Then the cacaphoney of a
    language you do not understand. Even the layout of the store seemed
    strange. Different varieties of rice stacked in huge bags (50 lbs
    each?) going better than half way up the wall. For just a moment I
    was transported to another place, one where I was the "foreigner".
    I know that as I frequent the store more often, that sense of
    dislocation will vanish somewhat.

    I think I'll go thru some mung beans into water so I can attempt Pad
    Thai in a few days. Thanks Poppy



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