i read with interest (ok, i scanned quickly with interest) the post on
making your own gift bags. Those puppies are expensive, huh?
yesterday as I was getting ready (in a hurrry) for the company xmas
party, i realized i didn't have gift bags for 4 gifts that really weren't
appropriate to go in boxes- needed bags. What to do?
BUDGET101 gift bags!
Of course being the oaf I am, I didn't take time to go look up
directions- I just winged it (wung it? ha) and I think I stumbled on
something LAZY- leave it to me to come up with the lazy man's version,
huh? Or, as Evelyn puts it, GENIUS- I prefer herversion- ha.
Anyway, here's what ya do_
Start with wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a box similar in size to
the end bag product youdesire. Cereal boxes work well, as do cracker
boxes, etc. It's nice if they're very tall, taller than the desired bag.

Start by measuring the paper to fit around the box as if you were
wrapping it traditionally. Then, instead of measuring length
traditionally- measure it (eyeball it) to be about twice as tall as your
desired bag plus a bit for the bottom. (the bottom will be the same as
the sides 'depth' of course). You can lay the box down near the edge,
and roll it over and over ti lyou account for all 4 sides plus a bit to
overlap, and then two more of the sides, roughly)
Fold the paper in half, wrong sides together.
The folded edge will be the top of your bag. Put the box on the paper
towrad the other end, leaving enough room to "wrap" the end. (you see
where this is going, i'm sure.)
wrap the first side around, but don't tape it to the box like you would
if it were a gift box. Instead, hold it in place and bring 'round the
other side, taping the two together. You'll especially want to tape over
the top edge.
WRap the end like you would a traditional box wrap.
Pull the box out (this is why it's good if it is sticking out the top,
taller than the bag).
Basically you're just doubling your paper to have a pretty inside, and
wrapping the end of a box to form a 'bottom' for the bag.
I made gift tags on the 'puter (didn't have any of those either), and
taped them to the top edge with tissue coming out the top, or used them
as the center decoration and just taped both edges together, to close the
bag. S'pose you could get fancy and put a bit of cardboard in the top,
poke holes and include handles.
Oh, one more thing--- once you get it made, it's a nice touch to fold the
sides like a regular gift bag--- I brought the two edges together, with
the center to the inside, and creased the center that way. Puff it back
out, and voila!

Ok, Evelyn- do I get genius status again or is this just so-so? I
was excited, anyway.
Tami Barrett
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