I found out today that watering the tortillas revives very stale
ones also. Cleaning out fridge, found a rather stale on. Wanted to
see what would happen....since my first thought was to feed it to
the birds. So, I watered it, threw it on top of a cooking egg
w/cheese to heat. Wrapped it around the egg....tasted very fresh.
This is a great, no more wasted tortillas. Poppy

> You roll them out and cook them gently in a skillet. They will
> lightly bubble in spots and brown very lightly. Then you "water"
> them. If you've never "watered" a tortilla, that means you wet
> fingers and rub it gently over the tortilla, you can place them
> tin foil and keep them in the oven to keep them warm, but you

> bake them.
> ~Liss