Hi gang!! You all helped me out so much with the wedding. And now it is time
for Christmas. *shrug* No money... well a little. I did a bunch of deals on
Yves Rocher, so I am making baskets for the gals. But I 'was' stuck on what to
do for the men. Til I came up with this idea.

Why couldn't I make baskets for them too? Our Farm and Fleet sells nuts really
inexpensive (hence cheap), I am getting more baskets at the outlet store,
99cents each, lining them with Mylar. The filler for the *guys* baskets will be
nuts on the bottom. The theme for all 13 baskets is Snack Attack Pack. I have
won quite a few Gift Certificates for HollyWood Video.. so I am putting $3 in
each basket to rent a movie, 2 pkgs of better brand microwave popcorn, a mini
bottle of coke, and I want to make homemade fudge. I thought 2lbs in each
basket would be enough to make any man cry.

I already have the condensed milk, 6lbs of choc chips, 5lbs of almond bark,
5lbs of chocolate bark, 8lbs of chopped walnuts, 2lbs of slivered almonds, 2lbs
of chopped pecans.

How do I make the stuff????? Next.. what else can I put in the basket to go
with the theme and not look cheesey or cheap? Or is that enough? Super tight

budget here. Most of the nuts were given to me by a friend to help with my
fudge endeavor. Another was gracious to supply the canned milk. And good old
Mom helped with the chocolate.. I told you we were out of money.. lol

Help.. Help... Help....