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I just made my own for the first time--the liquid type. I just used the Suave soap that I already had and it seems to be working fine. I also cut costs on fabric softener by diluting it (a few ounces in an old spray bottle filled with water). I just spray it into the dryer and it works okay.

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    Jen Krausz

    Default re: laundry detergent

    I just made my own for the first time--the liquid
    type. I just used the Suave soap that I already had
    and it seems to be working fine.

    I also cut costs on fabric softener by diluting it (a
    few ounces in an old spray bottle filled with water).
    I just spray it into the dryer and it works okay. I
    also buy dryer sheets when I can get them super cheap
    and I cut or rip them in half. They work just as well.

    As far as stain remover, I use the Tightwad Gazette
    method of mixing cascade and color safe bleach and
    soaking the clothes overnight in the bathtub. This
    works well on food stains like yellowing of baby
    clothes that have been spit up on. even old stains
    have a good probability of coming out. But I will be
    trying the dawn/ammonia idea in a spray bottle because
    I have used dawn to spot clean fresh stains and it
    works really well too.

    Thanks for all the recipes. I think I may try the
    powder detergent recipe next time, because making the
    liquid on the stove was a bit time consuming. The

    powder sounds more convenient.




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    Default Laundry detergent

    I like Tide because it also has the enzymes that remove stains. Some of the
    cheaper brands don't have them, but Sam's and Wal-Mart's version does. I must
    confess, I have never tried to make my own, as I can't find washing soda and
    Zote soap around here. As soon as I can I plan to try it. I am allergic to
    much of the detergent's I try. Oh, and plain old hydrogen peroxide is basically
    what Clorox 2 and most of the color-safe bleaches and Oxy-cleans are composed
    of. My mom worked for a Dr. and that is what they use to take out blood and
    other stains. Works great on carpets too and you can buy big bottles for cheap!
    Kami in Iowa

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    Default laundry detergent

    I am almost out of laundry detergent for the month, and though I have
    most of the ingredients to make my own (grated soap, washing soda,
    borax) I am waiting on vegetable glycerin (I accidentally bought the
    animal stuff, which I didn't intend to do). The soap that I grated
    said it was a glycerin soap (Clearly Natural), so I wonder if I even
    need the glycerin to turn it into the liquid. I cannot use it dry, as
    the grated soap will not mix evenly with the powders. Additionally, my
    husband asked if dishwashing soap (the powder kind) would be a fair
    substitute. I'm a little afraid to try. Anybody ever done this?

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    Kim Haynes

    Default Laundry Detergent

    I recently got married and I have a lot of those little bubbles left
    over. I was wondering if I could use these as laundry detergent? Or
    maybe 1/2 bubbles and 1/2 regular detergent? Anyone have any
    suggestions? I would hate for the bubbles just to sit there when
    they could be useful.


    Ozark MO

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    Default laundry detergent

    So 2 months ago I made the liquid detergent
    fels naptha
    washing soda,

    I cooked it and let it set for 24 hrs.

    Now I found a powder version which is all those ingredients just mixed
    together. Whats the difference? It is so much easier to just throw the 3
    ingredients into a jar than to cook the first detergent. Is there something
    wrong with this powder detergent? Is the liquid one better. Also, I just
    used ivory soap in place of the fels naptha when i did the liquid one and
    the powder one.


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    Default Re: laundry detergent

    In a message dated 4/9/2003 6:58:15 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

    > Is there something
    > wrong with this powder detergent? Is the liquid one better

    I just made the powder detergent a couple of weeks ago... (we were using
    Tide at 11 cents a load!) It cleans just as well, and smells great (on the
    laundry, the detergent itself is fragrant!) I will probably never make the
    liquid! It was super easy...

    Jennifer M.

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    Default laundry detergent

    I was looking thru the paper today and I noticed Purex is on sale at Walgreen's
    100 oz 2/$4.99.

    I also found a powdered detergent at Sears. It is called Ultra Plus and it is
    180 load box reg 19.99 on sale for 9.99. Has anyone ever tried this? I might
    get a box and try it and go back if I get good results.


    By the way, I joined a week ago and never found the time to introduce myself but
    I have been busy learning your tricks for budgeting. I am a SAHM, I have 2
    girls ages 6 and 2. Thank you for the great information I have found with this

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    Puddin and Tane

    Default Laundry detergent

    I have finally made my own laundry detergent and love it! I have a
    question though. I made mine dry with 1 cup Fels Naptha, 1/3 cup
    Borax and 1/2 cup washing soda. With this you use 1 to 2 tablespoons
    per load. My question is this, would it be more economical to make it
    as a liquid? I rather like the powdered but I made a batch and it
    lasted one week. That's about 1/3 of a bar of Fels Naptha. Any
    suggestions or comments.
    Also, for those of you trying to find the Fels Naptha, go to for a store
    locator. I have had no luck finding the washing soda in my area and
    had to order it online.

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    Kathy - KMS Books

    Default RE: laundry detergent

    I use Arm & Hammer powder, but it also comes in liquid. But I always use
    cold water, too, and have never had a problem getting it to dissolve. I
    think it works especially well for whites. I can always tell if I switch to
    a cheaper brand for awhile as my whites start getting dingy. I prefer the
    powder as I can burn the boxes. I hate having to deal with all those plastic
    jugs. I get way too many plastic containers as it is.
    Great used books at incredibly affordable prices!

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    Default Re: laundry detergent

    I use Walmarts ultasun liquid and get the 300 oz bottle. It cleans
    very well and at penney/oz you can't really beat it.

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    Default Laundry Detergent

    I wanted to reply to a former post from I believe it was Terri, but none of the
    messages are available at Yahoo groups so I will try to
    respond with what I remember of the posts. She asked if the homemade laundry
    detergent would work on really dirty stuff. My
    husband works in manufacturing, but in a very clean environment so I do not have
    any first hand experience with really dirty things. I
    can tell you that I do keep a commercial detergent on hand just in case.
    Somebody mentioned using coupons and using some of the
    more inexpensive ones instead like Xtra, Arm and Hammer, etc. which are great
    ideas. This frugal tip may not work for everyone and
    as each of us have different lifestyles and time restraints, etc., so making
    laundry detergent may just not be worth the hassle or may
    not work with your water or needs. But if you feel inclined, try it. I also
    like it because I have front load machines(which I saved and
    saved for and finally got..yippee) and they tend to make a lot more suds than a
    top load. Front load machine manufacturers want you
    to buy this expensive high efficiency detergent so that you don't have suds
    coming out of the front of your machine. The homemade
    detergent does not "suds up", which you may or may not like, some people want
    to see those soap bubbles to be sure that they are
    getting things clean. It was great to hear other's opinions on the homemade
    stuff, as I said in my first post, the jury is still out as to
    whether to use it or not.

    As to the recent post from someone who has other frugal tips but were "bashed"
    on another group...I hope this would not be the case
    here. We all can benefit from hearing each other's opinions even though we may
    feel that they would or would not work for us. I would
    love to hear more of them than just an ongoing recipe exchange (even though I
    love the recipes and the craft ideas too! thanks to all
    who go to the trouble of posting them).

    Happy Day!
    Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA

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    Default Laundry detergent

    I notice that MYO laundry detergent is being discussed again. I
    started making and using this about 6 months ago and was very happy
    with it,but reserved judgement because I wondered if it would work
    well long term. I have been pleased with it right along, but now
    after six months find that white items are becoming yellowed or not
    really getting clean any more. I know that stuff gets old, but this
    is different, some items were new and shouldn't discolor in six
    months. If I were to do it again, I would make a batch of detergent
    and use it, but switch to Arm and Hammer, my previous brand, for a
    few weeks before I make another batch. Alternating might keep things
    brighter. Either that or do whites and lights in Arm and Hammer and
    others in MYO detergent.



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