What they Mean, JAW, DD, MYO, DIY

Here are some of the most commonly used phrases on Budget 101 :

DIY: Do it Yourself (as in household repair info, etc)

DH Dear (Or Damn, Darling, Devoted) Husband
DD Dear (Or Damn, Darling, Devoted) Daughter
DS Dear (Or Damn, Darling, Devoted) Son

Freezer: means the recipe is a make ahead recipe for the freezer

Flash Freeze: This means to freeze items on a tray quickly so they
are fairly solid and then vacuum seal them or wrap them, as the case
may be.

Gardening: this is fairly obvious, but it pertains to the garden/yard
or landscaping

JAW: Just Add Water (mixes that are great for students/ campers/
at work etc)

MYO: Make Your Own

Mix: Means you mix it up and store it until you need it

IMO: In My opinion
IMHO: In my Humble Opinion

ISO: In Search of (this is what you write when your looking for a
recipe! it
gets my attention quickly
Example Subject line: ISO: Ramen Noodle Recipes

OAMC: Once a Month Cooking

TNT: Tried and True (see difference between TNT & T-n-T !)

T-n-T: Tips-n-Tricks

REC: recipe

Requested: An item that someone requested on list or on Budget101.com

OYO: On your Own.. (meaning.. I haven't tried it, and I can't back it

There are many more, but these are some of the most confusing...feel
free to add your favorites to our list <g>

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