Covergirl 5 up wyb 20 BOGO 50% mq in most papers LIMIT 1
Pampers jumbo wipes 8.47 - 1 mq - 2 up = 5.47 LIMIT1
Pantene 2/7-1mq-2up=2/4 LIMIT 2
Almay face cosmetics8.99-2 up = 6.99 (scr available) LIMIT 4
Neutrgena 10 up wyb 30 40% off LIMIT2
Clairol nic and easy foam haircolor 8.99-3 (MQ?) - 1 up=4.99 LIMIT2
Venus Razor 8.99-2 mq-3 up =3.99 LIMIT2
oral b crossaction power toothbrush & refill5-3 mq-2up= FREE LIMIT 4

Crest pro health paste and rinse/pulsar toothbrush 4.99-1up=3.99 LIMIT4
Veet 5 up wyb 2 products $2 in ad q LIMIT2
Zrytec/visine10 up wyb 25 LIMIT2
Clartitan 3 up wyb 24 count or larger LIMIT2
' Caltrate 600 bogo50% 2 up wyb 2 LIMIT 1
Cortizone 10 4.99-1up=3.99 LIMIT4
Gillette proglide 9.97-4mq-4up=1.97 LIMIT2
Crest oral b advantage or 3D manual toothbrush 2.67-1.60 up=.97 LIMIT2
P & G 10 up wyb $30 LIMIT 1
Prilosec 42 count $25
Duracell saver and ultra $5
venus and gillette cartridges buy one get free fusion (?) or satin care shave gel
Glillette and Daisy disposables razors
Secret premium/old spice body wash and deodorant gillette body wash and deordorant2/7
Aquafina 3.99-1up=2.99 LIMIT
Physicians formula bronzers BOGO 5 up wyb 20 LIMIT 4
Dial/Coast/Tone/Right Guard BOGO 2 up wyb 2 LIMIT1
Aveeno 10 up wyb 30 1.50 in ad q LIMIT2
first aid
Neutrogena 10 up wyb 30 1.50 in ad q LIMIT2

blink 7.00/7.99-scr=free (cannot quite read the right price)
maalox ex lax gas x 4.99-2scr=2.99

in AD Q
milk of mag phillips colon health $2 in ad q
Aveeno 1.50
Neutrogena 1.50

Veey 2

Emerald nuts
Hershey's Bars
Airwick freshmatic kit
scott bath tissue
nature made full line
kellogg's cereal/nutri grain
natures bounty flexamin sundown (mq in most papers)

thnx nuffsaid/gb101

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