I want to get a copy of my credit report.
I know that in some states, you can get one free copy
a year, but I DO NOT live in one of those states. I
also know that you can get a free copy if you have
been denied credit, but again, I don't qualify for
that either.
So, we will have to pay for it.
I know that the most accurate thing is to get a report
from each of the three agencies, but taht would cost a
Does anyone know which one is the best to get it from?
Also, I looked on Experian.com, and there is something
there called Consumerinfo.com that will give you
access to all three plus your score for 39.95. I
think you get the reports online. Anyone done this? I
am not sure how I feel about that.
Any experience with this?
Again, I don't get a free one.



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Isaiah 66:10-13