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Elizabeth Kinsley, MD

Genre: Medical
Release Date: March 26, 2010

Thinking about getting a breast augmentation? Dont want to pay a ton of money for a professional virtual visualization?

Try out the best plastic surgery visualization tool on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Get an instant virtual breast augmentation privately, easily, and- most importantly- cheaply! All you have to do is choose an existing photo, or snap a new one using the camera on your iPhone, and choose one of the many implant options available to you! The application will do the rest.

Features include:

Video tutorial
Choose a photo from your library, or take a new picture in the app
Choose any implant size- from 210cc-690cc
Find recommended surgeons in your area
Save to your photo library
Publish photo on Facebook to get the opinions of others!

Developed by Touch Studios, LLC. (


Highlight the augmented area, and adjust the slider to fully cover the breasts. Use the size options located at the bottom of the picture to find the best fit for you. Need to start over? Just shake the phone! Its that easy. Photos taken in a bra, bathing suit, or light colored top will give the best results. Images are simulations only, results of actual surgery will vary.

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