Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I have several questions about freezing foods:
1) Can I freeze cranberry-orange relish?
2) Can I freeze minestrone soup, or would the pasta
be weird when reheated?
3) How do I prevent freezer burn on meats? and
related to this,
4) How do I recognize freezer burn? My roommate says
all of our stored meats have freezer burn, but I can't
see what I'm looking for.
5) Is there any way to salvage meats that have
freezer burn?
6) We got a bunch of frozen meat from some friends
when they moved, and mostly I have no idea what they
are. I don't want to waste it. Any ideas on what to
do with mystery meat?

Thanks for all your help. I'm learning so much
through this forum. I'm young and quite inexperienced
in household management, so y'all have been such a