Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner hon.... As far as time.. I am the
same as you.. I need a minimum of 8 hours to function (sometimes 9 or 10).
(Currently) My day starts at 6:15-6:30, by this time everyone in the house
is up. This is exactly how my day starts:

1. Make bed, Make a cup of coffee
2. Turn computer on (let it boot up while I am finishing other things)
3. Jump in the shower & dressed
4. Start a load of laundry, bring out the load I last dried (Yes, I leave
them LOL)
5. Either take something out for dinner OR toss something into the crockpot.
I usually have a menu planned so I'm not spending half an hour staring into
the cupboards wondering what to make.
6. Let the dog out & feed him
7. Make another cup of coffee and feed the boys breakfast.
8. Now its 6:45 and I'm on the computer answering emails, from family first,
then work, then friends, then lists I'm on.
9. 7:25 computer goes off, kids are dressed, switch over another load of
laundry, fold the other & take care of it.
10: 7:45 leave for work. Bring Dylan with me with his Homeschooling
11. Throughout the day I'm all over the state driving, answering work
emails, showing properties, etc. We take a break in the afternoon to go for
a walk and chow sandwiches or whatever I've brought for lunch.
12. 5:15 Arrive home, if something is in the crockpot the boys set the table
while I throw together a couple side dishes, usually salad & something. Or
they help make biscuits (which incidently makes one helluva mess),
13. Vacuum floors, put in another load of laundry. Clean up the bathroom,
which is usually trashed from our morning routine.
14. Have dinner.
15. Clear the table, Do the dishes, wash the counters, water the plants (In
the kitchen), and sweep the kitchen floor. It's now 6:30. I get back on the
computer and answer more emails, sometimes I have work appointments for
showings, etc.
16. If not, I then play the phonics game with the boys, & or a couple books.
At 7 sharp they brush their teeth and get their weary heinies into bed. DH
and I relax and chat and go to bed not long after. (Usually I fold clothes,
sort paperwork, or scan files while we're chatting..)

That's a typical weekday. However, 1 day per week I do all the additional

things... make up mixes, scrub the floors, wash the fingerprints off the
walls, that type of thing. I usually do 2-3 loads of laundry a day so I
don't have any big laundry days. Just minor stuff. It only takes about 4
hours to get it all done, and as most of you know, I don't shop very often,
once every 6-8 weeks.

So... you asked, I told, lol. That's it, no major secret. I spend a few
minutes each day preparing our homeschool projects, today we're making
snowflakes (well.. actually we're making Crystals and discovering how/why
they form). Then we're going to see if we can color them and preserve them
for decorations.

Take Care,