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    Good Morning,

    There are quite a few New faces here, as well as ones that have
    been here supporting Budget101 all along.
    For those of you that do Not know me, I am Liss, the listmom and web
    designer of . As many of you may know I took a
    leave of absence from the list, as well as the site due to personal
    reasons. However, with this email comes GREAT News...
    We are working on bringing back the Budget101 website, complete with
    over 12,000 (give or take a couple) mix recipes, links and articles,
    just in time for the Holidays.

    Although I am still working full time (both in my new career in Real
    Estate and with homeschooling our children: )
    I will do as much as possible with the site, adding things per your
    requests & input.

    Again, thanks for your continued support & Special thanks to Mickey

    & Michelle for all their Extremely hard (& dedicated) work.

    Budget101 Listmom,

    Liss Burnell

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    Now this IS great news. When? I tried typing it in as soon as I
    read your post. Alas, it wasn't up yet. I am not a patient person,
    lol. Poppy

    --- In Budget101_@y..., "Join us at " <earthly@m...>

    > just in time for the Holidays.

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    Just in time for the Holidays! is officially back open as of right NOW.

    If you enjoy our site, please take a moment to Tell your friends, share the URL
    on your budgeting/other lists as it fits. (please don't spam though!) I have
    added 23 new mix recipes to the site for the holidays as well as many gift
    basket ideas, etc. I'll add as much as I can, as often as I can.

    If you have recipes/ideas/comments/etc that you would like to submit, please
    email them to me (or the list) at .

    Please keep in mind that I am still working full time in Real Estate, running a
    printing business, homeschooling our 2 boys and have a house to keep running, so
    if it takes me awhile to answer.. please be patient with me.


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