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Aeon Wars: 2105

Genre: Games
Release Date: April 28, 2011

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"Aeon Wars reinvents the mobile gaming experience."

"Out with the dull reruns of the early mobile MMOs. Aeon Wars immerses you in an addicting futuristic, real-time war with creative, incredible players most of whom have paid little or nothing to have a blast."

"...offers an in depth experience with great developer support and an engaged player community."

"Aeon Wars combines an intriguing economy where I can work the market to make the resources I need to build an army to fight for my faction. Win or lose, it's amazing fun at every battle- which is a win in my book."

"You wouldn't believe how many games I deleted from my phone after playing Aeon Wars for a week. I won't need another game for many months to come."

The highly anticipated release of Aeon Wars: 2105 is here. SMLSD, the creators of the critically acclaimed Cartel series, has stopped at no lengths to bring a vivid, intriguing, MMORTS game to the Apple platform.


Centuries of conflict have finally resulted in a tentative peace accord between the three powerhouse corporations of the Aeon galaxy. All-out war has been reduced to "civil" battles to win the lucrative mining rights of essential materials needed for long term survival. You are a mercenary, hired by one of the three signers of the Aeon United Pact to do battle in exchange for your own cut of the spoils of war. Your weapons are formidable mechanized war machines; your allegiance is won by the highest bidder.


The road to victory is not easy: You must master a complex economy to manufacture the arsenal needed to ensure your survival and dominate your rivals. Join or create an alliance and work together with your teammates as you trade, barter, and fight your way to supremacy against thousands of other players. Will you rise to the challenge, or just become another pile of scrap metal floating through space?

Enter the Aeon Galaxy

Aeon Wars: 2105 is rich in social interaction; team oriented goals, personal achievements, and awards. We expect Aeon Wars to be unlike any game you've played on the mobile platform. Download the free game, receive free points by playing through the tutorial and find out if this is the game you've been scouring the App Store for.

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