<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">In "Marnie's Kitchen Shortcuts" by Marnie Swedberg, she describes how to defat cheddar cheese, but I am not sure how to use the cheescloth. You are supposed to cut 4 oz of cheddar into 1/2 inch cubes and put them in a microwave safe dish. Barely cover the the cheese with tap water and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes, place in cheesecloth and run it under cold water for 15 seconds. Press out excess grease and water. This saves 24.6 gms of fat per 3 1/2 oz. Regular cheddar contains 350 calories and 33.4 fat grams for 3 1/2 oz. Defatted cheaddar of the same size contains 200 calories and 8.8 grams of fat.

Now, does this mean you should squeeze the cheese through the cheese cloth or just try to get the excess water/grease out with out pressing it through??? I have done it both ways and it's much more a pain to squeeze through if you are doing a lot of it. TIA!

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