jamie oliver
naked chef

Follow the basic recipe until Stage 8 then split the dough into half or
Roll or push it out to an oval shape roughly 1 1/2 cm thick; don't fuss
around for perfection it's supposed to be rough and rustic so what a great
excuse for a beginner!
Place on a baking tray liberally dusted with semolina and smear evenly with
one of the toppings shown below. Finally make those characteristic holes by
pushing all your fingers deep into the dough many times which allows the
flavour of the topping to penetrate. After about 45 minutes it will prove to
that classic 3cm inches high.
At basic recipe Stage 9 bake for about 15 minutes at your oven's highest
temperature until ready.
As soon as the focaccia comes out of the oven feed it with a good drizzle of
your very best olive oil and a light scattering of sea salt.
You can eat the focaccia as soon as it has slightly cooled.

This is my favourite italian flatbread. It is not very difficult to make.

Makes 2 Large or 4 smatter focaccia

focaccia toppings

jamie oliver
naked chef

Toppings mustn't be too heavy just a light scattering of interesting
flavours. Try marinated sundried tomatoes black or green olives mixed herbs
herb oils some interesting cheeses (not too much though; the italians would
probably use up any old dry cheese for this). You may well wish to say make
4 different toppings for 4 small focaccias in which case just divide the
amount accordingly.