Ramona, I used to sew a lot but I find that I can't
often beat yard sale prices no matter how cheap I get
the fabric/patterns.

However, sometimes I do find that I need a certain
item and if I already have suitable fabric (I have a
stockpile) it is cheaper to sew it than to buy it
ready-made. The biggest problem for me with sewing is
the time it takes. I never seem to get to my projects.

Oh, and there are some really cool things you can do
to trim plain jeans or shirts that will delight your
preteen daughter. Trim, fringe, turn into bell
bottoms, etc. Even make your own patchwork jeans,
which are really hot right now. I was all set to do
that for my DD last fall, but she "wasn't into that."
The trends right now are really conducive to frugality
if you use a little creativity.

Anyway, I wish I could do more sewing. I like it, but
like I said, it's hard to find the time.

Jen K in PA


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